An old barbarian and his talking horse

embark on a suicidal quest to battle a bridge troll

"Cohen the Barbarian was angry. Angry that he never died in battle, angry that the world had forgotten him, and angry that his knees were starting to play up in the cold.

He was also angry that his faithful mount had been gifted the ability of magical speech. The horse was insisting that they had made a wrong turn back at Slice.

He was also angry that the horse was probably right.

This was not how it was supposed to end for the barbarian. This was not how the Discworld’s greatest hero imagined it at all."




Troll Bridge is a live-action/hand-animated hybrid, a seventeen-year filmmaking odyssey, and a love letter to
fantasy author Terry Pratchett




Troll Bridge is a 28-minute short film
based on the Discworld story originally published in After the King, and now available in A Blink of the Screen

"After the King, for which this was written, was an anthology in honour of J. R. R. Tolkien rather than being an attempt to trespass in Middle Earth, but it seemed to me that there was a mood I could aim for. Things change, things pass. You fight a war to change the world, and it changes into a world with no place in it for you, the fighter. Those who fight for the bright future are not always, by nature, well fitted to live in it. Sawmills oust the spiders from the dark wood, the endless plains are fenced . . ."

          - Terry Pratchett,
                                 A Blink of the Screen

Troll Bridge is a community project of impossible scale

Thanks to our incredible support-base, our backers, our global network of volunteers,

sponsorship from giants in the VFX industry, and the generosity of the 

Terry Pratchett Estate.

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