The basics...



How do I find my shot?

Through your task list (if it is assigned), or simply type the shot code into the "Search Shotgun" field. You can also dig for it through the Shots > Default menu. 

Where can I find shot plates and assets?

Shots > Shot Folder > Dropbox

I'm having trouble downloading due to the file sizes...

Shoot Ahren or Daniel an email, and we'll create some zip files for you.

How are the shots supplied?

Currently we have multiple different versions of each shot, dependent on the departments requirements.


TB_#####_Plate_EXR = Straight up ProEXR image sequence of the finalised reframed and resized shot. For roto and comp.


TB_#####_Plate_H264 = Just a quick mov file of the above for preview purposes only.   

TB_#####_Plate_JPEG_OAR = A JPEG sequence of the original shot in its Original Aspect Ratio and resolution as shot directly from the camera. Only here for troubleshooting purposes.


TB_#####_Plate_JPEG_OAR_UNDISTORTED = As above, but with the lens undistorted.  Original shot Aspect Ratio and resolution. For tracking and match moving.


TB_#####_Plate_JPEG_WITNESS = JPEG sequence of the witness cam used by animation purposes.

How do I supply the shots I’ve worked on with you?

Please provide a copy of both the project file (Maya/Nuke etc.) and an H264 video version. These can be uploaded directly into Shotgun, against the associated Task.


To upload to Shotgun:


Select My Tasks > Task > Versions > +Version and complete the form


Please also include a short description of your work when uploading to Shotgun.

Shot naming conventions?

[Shot]_[Task]_V[Major Version ###]_[Minor Version ###]


For example:  TB_00520_Roto_V001_002.nk /

What render settings are we using?

For EXR plates:  Linear, RGB + Alpha, 16 bpc, Zip compressed, 16‐bit float.


For preview files:  H.264 Quicktimes with the highest quality settings.

Who signs off on the work?

The heads of each department, listed here.

What does the task Status field mean in Shotgun?

Every task assigned has a work "status" field that needs to be kept updated. Please help us keep this accurate. The status’ are:


  • Inactive - Waiting for downstream dependent tasks to be completed

  • Ready to Start - Ready for work to begin

  • In Progress - You are currently working on the task

  • On Hold - In consultation with the Director or Department Head, work on this task has been suspended

  • Ready for Review - Version and Project File have been uploaded and feedback required from lead creatives

  • Address Notes - Lead creatives have left notes on a version. Please review and submit new version at earliest convenience

  • Approved - Approved by Team Leader or Director


When you start a shot, please make sure the status to In Progress.

When submitting a version for review, please change status to Ready for Review.

After reading feedback on a version, please change status from Address Notes to In Progress.

Frame Rate and Final Resolution?

25fps.  2K Scope (2048 x 858).

Can I get a copy of the film when it is finished?

Yes, of course!  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Can I get a copy of the film when it is finished?

Yes, of course!  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Can I use the shots I’ve worked on in my showreel? 


I have a friend who may be interested in helping out... 

Great!  Please get them to send through their details to

Will I be credited?

Damn right you will be.  Also if you have a Twitter / Facebook / whatever account for your VFX work, let Daniel know so Snowgum can friend / fan / whatever you and help promote the work you’re doing.  We’re big on crediting and paying it forward to our audience.

What else can you do?

Get you drunk at your local premiere?  Also happy to assist in any other capacity... just let us know!