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Have you ever had the unearthly desire for your very own 1/6th scale troll statue for your coffee table? Do those garden gnomes living near your geraniums require some trollish discipline? Got a thing for rock monsters?

Well now you can WIN this very thing! We’re currently scouting for the perfect Mica pose to have 3D printed, moulded, painted and detailed by our very own prop guys at Nightshade FX. We’re talking an extremely limited 'in-house run' of absurdly detailed Mica statues, these things needs to happen for the sake of naked bookshelves everywhere.



Steve Chapman
Imagineer | The Walt Disney Studios

Bernard Pearsion
Cunning Artificer | The Discworld Emporium

Daniel / Blochi
Your Friendly Film Represntation


  • 1/16 scale, highly detailed Mica Statue, built by our prop department at Nightshade FX and based on your design

  • Free personal tour of the Walt Disney Studios

  • This exquisite rendition of the Discworld in bronze

  • One of everything we can find (within reason) that's Troll Bridge related... posters, shirts, foyer cards... whatever we've created as far as hard earned merch goes... you get one




  • Use this project template as your starting base

  • Only one entry per artist

  • You can upload work in progress. We will take your final version, so please be sure to version up correctly

  • Pose the loincloth as best you can, but please know that we won’t be judging you on it (it will need to be rebuilt in the moulding process). You will however be judged on the other costume items.

  • No additional props or assets other than the club, and what is already supplied in the project file.

  • Upload your work to the contest feed

  • Must be happy with the pose being used for marketing and merchandising purposes – there will be backers, cast and crew who will want one. I know I do.

  • Open only to cast and crew


Your work will be judged on following traits:

  • Appropriateness for representing the film

  • Emotional connectivity

  • Looking awesome



​Okay, we've needed to reassess this a few times now as it's a tricky thing to balance between having fun, and getting work on the film completed. We think we've found the solution:

The due date for the contest is... the same day our last non-family Mica animation get's approved. And we have exactly seven of those left to assign (god willing).

We know that's not an easy date to remember, so don't stress, we'll drop you an email update as we hit each Mica milestone.

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