F. A. Q.
Where can I buy the DVD/Blu-ray?

The DVD and Blu-ray (and badges, posters, and other physical pledge items) were unique creations made as a thank-you to those who supported us before the film was finished. Our contract with Terry Pratchett was explicit; we could continue raising money while we were in a position to spend it back on the film itself. Production for the film ran for some fifteen years, and if you missed pledging during that time – I’m afraid barring extraordinary circumstances you’ll only be able to acquire these items on the secondary market or via the occasional charity auction at your local Discworld convention.

How else can I see this?

The Streaming Arena! It doesn’t just contain the short film itself (and some of its various iterations), but also every video we ever made during the entire production process over the last decade and a half. It contains over 21 hours of content, including behind the scenes, VFX tests, convention chats, and more. We couldn’t fit it all on the discs, so this site is our catchall.  And the content that appears of the discs themselves? We've made that downloadable so you can make your own DVDs!

You can become a member of the Streaming Arena right here.

For now and the immediate future this is the only way to watch the film. In the unlikely event of this changing, you’ll be sure to hear about it via the newsletter which you can subscribe to at the bottom of this page.

What is the run time?

28-minutes including credits. There is also a 16-minute abridged version for the theatrical circuit, and an extended 42-minute version with all deleted scenes and incomplete VFX sequences spliced back in.

The 28-minutes covers the entire story as originally penned by Terry Pratchett, and is considered the official Snowgum adaptation of this story.

Where can I find the original story?

It’s adapted from his short story ‘Troll Bridge’ by Terry Pratchett. It is currently published in his short fiction collection ‘A Blink of the Screen’ which you can order from our sponsors right here.

Will the film ever be available for free?

Yes. Just the film at this point - but it's on the table. Right now our focus is on fulfilling our promise to our backers and ensuring they get their content first.

One day in the future we can look at giving the film itself a wider release online. Maybe once the dust settles - we know there are people who have pledged for the film who have not had the opportunity to see it, and we'd like to make that possible.