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Who to Contact

If you have any questions, about anything, please don't hesitate to reach out immidiatly. It's what we are here for.

For quick replies, please hit us up on our Skype (text only) chat room. It's a semi-social community forum for the post team, and there is usually always someone around who can help. (Or argue with you about the best music to listen to whilst moving pixels about the screen). It's funducational!

For everything else there is...

Producer | Ahren Morris

Everything to do with licencing, management, and coordination


Skype:  ahrenm

Director | Daniel Knight

Everything creative and promotional


Skype: daniel.joel.knight

VFX Supervisor | Christian "Blochi" Bloch

Anything to do with the trolls or the bridge. Or anything else our other supervisors don't cover


Skype: christian_bloch

Creature Supervisor | Marta Stolarz

Absolutely anything to do with the Horse

Skype: numnah13

Comp Supervisor | Tom Magill

Anything and everything comp related


Skype: tom.aie

Sword Supervisor | Dominique Cockx

Magic sword and Houdini master

Skype: dcockx

Roto / Paint Supervisor | Shawn McCarten


When in doubt about a question, hit Daniel up and he'll point you in the right direction.

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