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Sword Tracking

What we look for in the track is that it is a plausible movement of the sword so that the simulation can have a smooth track to work with.

Also some transparent layers will be rendered that will be comped over the swords Iron.That means that it has to stick really nicely to sword.

The model of the sword can be found on shotgun here.

In the file you can find 2 versions:

  • highSword_PointPivot: pivot in the center and on the point.

  • highSword: created to make the manual tracking quicker for some shot. Feel free to set your pivot where you think it will work best.

You can manual track in PFTrack as well as in Maya or even in Houdini. It depends on your software and preferences.

Please use TB_#####_Plate_JPEG_OAR_UNDISTORTED for your tracking plates. You can find these in the Shot Folder linmked from Shotgun.

If the camera is moving, please make sure your environment is tracked and you use the right camera. Then track the sword relative to the motion of the camera. This is to cancel out the movement of the camera in simulation. Camera informration can be found under Shot Info.

Sometimes you can find a track or camera in the bridge asset Maya file or in other tasks for that shot. This can be helpful estimating where the sword is relative to the camera and the size of the sword.

You can upload your work as an FBX file of even better a Maya or Houdini file best accompanied by a wireframe-render over the backplate.

If you are new to matchmoving a good read is this book: The Art and Technique of Matchmoving

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