The vast majority of backers have filled in their surveys and are ready for the day when we start to ship. However, there are still many who remain Lost, who will not receive their shiny stuff. We call them the Missing.


​We are sending out reminder notices to fill in your surveys once a week to those we have, but we are mindful that time changes many things and one of those is possibly your email address, which is a vital key to receiving the pretty things.

If you think that you may have ever backed TROLL BRIDGE at any point in history, and have had the same email for years, please keep an eye on your junk folder and then leap into action when you see an email headed “Response Needed -- Get your reward for Troll Bridge”.  Once you have that email it’s just a matter of following the simple instructions here in order to fill out your survey.

Then you can sit back and wait for the pledge items to come to you!

Below is a list of the current Missing Backers so you can find your name. Once you have done so, please email our resident werewolf Deb at and she will help you track down the email that you will need to log into BackerKit.

Then you too can follow the simple instructions here to be able to just wait for the shiny things to come to you.





Missing Backers


Richard Excell

Robert Day

Robert Howard

Robert Trost

Robert W L Dare

Robert W Trost

Rochelle hutchinson

SÀbastien - JÀrÀme Steen

Sarah Kennedy


Scott Arnold

Sean Hackett

Seth Anderson

Shalom Septimus

Sharon Morris

steve cowling

Steve Ella

Szmozsánszky István

T L Holaday

theresa murphy

Thomas Burby

Tilo Wieczorek

Tina McMullen


Trevor Kiley


William Bliss

William W Swyer

Will Regan


Łukasz Yogurd Wilim

Luke Foster

Mac Matthiesen

Maggie Mazzullo

Marco Villalta

Mark Langford

Matt Pearson

​Matthew Kingsbury

Meredith Gresham

Michael Porter

Molly McWaters-Adkins

Morten Daae



Neil Barrett

Nieky Crins

Nikki Aquilina

Nikolai Tuuri

nobuko cobi narita

paul Moseley

Peggy Mangovski


peter baker

Peter Hubbard

Peter Tyler

Peter Yorke

Phil Minto

Rachael Brinegar

raymond larsson

Rebecca Olson

Richard Braban

Diana Harrison

Digby Thomas

Douglas Reardon


Edward M. Silla III

Fionnuala Sheehan

Geoff Field


Graham Bird

Heleanor Feltham

Ian Simcock

J Sykes

James Singfield

James Woolfolk

Jan Lundgren

Jason Steen

Jeremy Hawbaker

Johannah Morgen

John Millington

John Tobias

John Wallace
Jon Voisey

Jose M. Duran

josie hughes

Karthik Kota

keith green

Kenneth Call

Kevin J. Ruhf

Lee Goodman

Lisanne Brady

Adrian Morgan

Alan Rice

Alex Abrahams

Alex Altringham

Amanda Elizabeth Kalmar

Amelia Gill

Andrew Hall

Angela Walker

Angus Roland

Anthea Tan

Arne Claassen

Belinda Wilson

Ben Jansen

Bethan Barsoc

Bill Leckey

Billy Black

Brian Smith

Bruce Williamson

Cath Unsworth

Charles Sommer

Chris Horrocks

Crystal Berger


Daniel Crosby


Darren Widdowson

Dave Kincaid

Dave Nicholson

David Allsopp

David Harris

Derick Kemp

Lucy Dixon

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