TROLL BRIDGE is a crowdfunded, Terry Pratchett greenlit, short film project.

It exists because an awful lot of people thought it ought to.


Our pre-order campaign has allowed us to prep, plan and shoot the film. To build a meticulously detailed snippet of Discworld geography, and to breath life into the story's fantastical characters. TROLL BRIDGE is a poignant fairy-tale, a fifteen year odyssey, a live action / animation hybrid, and a love letter to Terry Pratchett.


All money raised goes back into the production. Pre-orders made on the understanding pledge fulfilment will occur once the film festival circuit has completed, and no later than November, 2019.

Total Raised


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the festival circuit so important?

This is the peer review process of the filmmaking journey. We owe it to our backers, volunteers, the film itself, and of course Terry to have the strongest film festival presence we can attain. TROLL BRIDGE was mastered for the cinema, and as a cinematic adaptation is its intended viewing environment.

How are the DVDs / Blu-rays encoded?

All our media will be region free, it will play worldwide. DVDs will be encoded PAL or NTSC according to their shipping destination. If you want a coding that differs, no problem, just let us know when you order.

How do I update my shipping / contact details?

You can make any changes to your pre-order by logging into your BackerKit account. We'll also contact you prior to shipping to confirm your postal address and pre-order materials.

When will the film be finished?

It's finished! We’ve now moved onto pledge material creation, entering the film festival circuit, and forging an epic DVD and Blu-ray package to match the scale of the project.

When do pre-orders ship?

No later than November, 2019. Distribution will disqualify us from the film festival circuit, so we’ll need to play things cool until the project has had the chance to run the gauntlet

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